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Residential Mortgages

Whether you are buying your first home or remortgaging your existing home, your first move should be to look into your mortgage options. We will assess your situation and will help you choose the best mortgage products that suit your needs and help you throughout the mortgage process and approval. We offer a wide range of mortgage products and services that will enhance your homeownership experience.

From purchasing to renovating, to home refinancing, to debt consolidations, we do it all!

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Home Purchase Loan

Purchasing your first home and ensuring a favourable loan for it can be overwhelming, but SAN Mortgages accredited brokers and loan experts can simplify that process for you. We will access your financial situation, walk you through your purchase and get you the new home you want at a rate that you can afford.

We offer competitive interest rates on a wide range of fixed and variable rate mortgages. We have access to a network over 50 lenders, both alternative and traditional and we can find a lender best suited to your financial needs.

We help borrowers with financial challenges, first-time buyers, self-employed, new immigrants!

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